Prayer Concerns of our Church

(updated monthly)

We remember in our prayers all our service men and women:

Members: Luke Hopkins, Jeremiah Keller, Zach Lewis, Zach Walter

Friends and Family: Casey Laing (grandson of Bob & Betty Kobak) Kyle Miller (son of Steve Miller) Jim Rockrohr (grandson of David & Carol Roth) Sean Waterman (son of Carol Childers & grandson of LaDonna Childers) Chantry Swain (husband of Maggie Bohnert Swain) Daniel Drury

For those who are challenged with cancer:

Family and Friends: Eric Berghoff (friend of Campbells & Volkerdings); Beverly Brase (sister of Mary Schuessler); Jane Groves (co-worker of Kristin Ham), Dan Hahn (cousin of Patsy Goodpasture); Debbie Hanes (friend of Kristin Ham), Betty Stepp (friend of Beverly Harris); Debbie Wade (sister of Kay Vangilder); Curt Grueneberg (cousin of Dwayne Kirchhoff) Katie Lorenz (niece of Bruce Schmidt) Carol & Bill Harshaw (friends of Beth Langston) Sandi Essner (friend of Beth Langston) Randy Cox (friend of Dwayne Kirchhoff family) Jack Herron (friend of Volkerding Family) Mark Williams (friend of Helen Steffens) Tamara Bullard (niece of Earl Bartels) Terry Kurre Sr. (friend of Bruce Schmidt) Justin Gallamore (co-worker Mike Schaefer) Beverly Byrd (sister of Mary Lowry) JoAnn Thomas (Coworker’s mother of Kim Gerlach)

Those Members who Have Special concerns and Prayer needs:

Joan Cantwell; Charlene Hahn, Gib Renner (Lutheran Home, Alzheimers Unit); Darlene Bonney, Gail Hennecke, Jack Schwettmann (Lutheran Home) Evon Schwettman; Jack Hahs; Mary Schuessler; Shirley & Jim Stoll (Chateau Girardeau) Ongoing prayer concerns and continued healing: Members: Jim Brown, Beverly Harris, Cindy James, Debbie Petzoldt, Lynnore Meyer Family and Friends: Robert Beste (father of Julie Vangilder); Susan Brunke (friend of Volkerding); Ruth Burroughs (daughter of Josie Schuessler); Emma Cannon (friend of Volkerdings); Jane Honackie (mother of Christina Tanner); Debbie Lange (friend of Jeanie Brown) Brenda Seitz (sister-in-law of Christine Childers) Jeff Volkerding (brother of Jennifer Volkerding) Kailey Weber (friend of Petzoldt & Michael families) Evelyn Griffith (friend of Volkerdings) John Turner (friend of Volkerdings) James Brown (friend of Josh Volkerding) Edna Lintner (sister of Jerry Moran) Dorothy Wills (mother of Curt Wills) Karen Keller (wife of Robert Keller) Annette McCann (friend of Rebecca Volkerding) Louise Katt (sister of Ruth Kasten) Bryant Hahn (son of friend of Debbie Petzoldt) Claudette Siron (grandmother of Holly Keller) Tim Tuschoff Kathy Roth (sister of Dale Steffens) Patty Moore (friend of Joan Cantwell) Katherine Parsons (friend of Randy Arbuckle) Susan Ward (friend of Jeff Childers family) Hannah Todt (Aunt of Jane Sinn) Greg Volkerding (brother of Jennifer Volkerding) Katie Arledge (friend of Volkerding family) Ron Brooks (friend of Volkerding family) Kadie Chesteen & Family (cousin of Holly Keller) Sonja & Ken Davis (friends of Vicki Michael) Kai Hapak (grandson of Richard & Nona Abernathy)